An affiliate organization of the Chief Probation Officers of California for fiscal staff. There is a 
PBMA voting representative  for each of the 58 counties - each member appointed by his/her 
county Chief  Probation Officer and additional non-voting members with county fiscal responsibilities.


 Northern Region PBMA I Sacramento Region I Bay Area Region PBMA 

                     Central Reqion PBMA I Southern Reqion PBMA 


The California Probation Business Managers Association (P.B.M.A.) is established to support the 
Chief Probation Officers of California by providing a statewide forum for Probation Business Managers 
to consolidate and share their expertise and consider statewide unified approaches to such issues as 
budget development and monitoring, revenue forecasting, grantsmanship, personnel management, 
legislative bill interpretation and implementation, operational analysis, accounting services, 
procurement practices, office automation, and other administrative issues common to criminal and
juvenile justice agencies.

PBMA 2021 Executive Committee

Dana Schultz, President (Orange County)
Angelina Coffey, Vice-President (Nevada County)
Laetesia Ible, Secretary/Treasurer (Sacramento County)
Tim Rottman, Sacramento Chair (Sutter County)
Jessica Holstien, Southern Chair (Riverside County)
Miguel Herrera, Northern Chair (Plumas County)
Lorraine Carrasquillo, Bay Area Chair (San Benito County)
Whitney Cox, Central Chair (Madera County)

PBMA 2021 Committee Chairs

Christina BaggottLegislative Committee Chair (Plumas County)

Viola Becker, Revenue Committee Co-Chair (Riverside County)

Mark Howe, Revenue Committee Co-Chair (Ventura County)

PBMA Roster of Membership